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ibandaidgurl's Journal

12 February 1989
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i like walking on the beach. i hate swimming at the beach.
i like driving. i hate traffic.
i like pictures. i hate red xs.
i like pasta. i hate anti carb people.
i like nail polish. i hate peeling nails.
i like sunglasses. i hate the sun.
i like good grades. i hate school.
i like fridays. i hate mondays.
i like the winter. i hate the summer.
i like snowboarding. i hate skiing.
i like ed boys. i hate cheaters.
i like making up. i hate fighting.
i like happiness. i hate sadness.
i like being SXE. i hate being HXC.

80's music, acdc, amplitude, bean bags, belts, black and white, black books, black eyed peas, board games, bonfire, bowling for columbine, boy george, britney spears, bubblegum, buckles, buffalo exchange, burton, candles, canned pears, caramel machiatto, chromatic collection, cibo matto, classic case, cold weather, contacts, converse, corduroy, corel draw, cup noodles, dance dance revolution, daria, degrassi, depeche mode, design, devo, dinosaurs, duran duran, eyeliner, fez, fight club, finch, fischerspooner, freezepop, frequency, fridays, garbage, ghandi, glasses, goodwill, gorillaz, graffiti, gyros, hair, heels, hot fries, hot pink, hot pockets, ikea, inscense, jetta, joan jett, journalism, k2, kelis, ketchup, killer heels, krylon, kukuxumusu, ladytron, layout design, le tigre, leopard lounge, lollipops, lomography, madonna, magazine ads, mail, mario, marylin manson, metric, michael jackson, mindless self indulgence, mini cooper, montrose, my bed, nemo, niko niko's, nintendo, no doubt, oasis, orange juice, orange mittens, orgy, out cold, panties, pet shop boys, philly cheesesteaks, photography, pictures, pizza rolls, placebo, pretty girls make graves, purses, remodeling, renaissance festival, retro, romeo and juliet, sahara hotnights, salvation army, shoes, skirts, smashing pumpkins, smoothies, snow, snowboarding, soy sauce, spray cans, starbucks, steven, stripes, styx, subways, sunglasses, sushi, tagging, taxi taxi, tegan and sara, tetris, the 80's, the beach, the clash, the crew, the faint, the hot chick, the oc, the simple life, the simpsons, the strands, thrift stores, tigi, tim burton, tootsie rolls, troy, tsunami bomb, tv dinners, video games, walls, weezer, welch's juice, xxi